Credits & Notices

This program is sold without a Magic™ database or related information. End-users of this program download this information directly from licensed sources on the Internet, then install the generated databases. As such, we wish to credit and thank the providers of this information:

Magic: the Gathering™

Magic: The Gathering™ and all of the cards listed herein are copyrighted by Wizards of the Coast,


The Magic™ card and ruling information is generously made available by Stephen D'Angelo:

Magic Traders

The card price data is generated by collecting sales data from eBay on a regular basis. The data was generously made available by Magic Traders Online:

Developer Credits

This product would not be possible without the efforts and support from many people.

Development team: Geoff Oitment, Dan Pronovost.

This product uses public domain software libraries available for free use in commercial products: