Purchasing Magic Scout

Magic Scout can be purchased online with a credit card. Enter the following web address into your web browser. If you downloaded our product from one of our resellers, you can purchase from them at the web address noted below:


For more information about MagicScout, please visit our web site:



Magic Scout is shareware. This means you may freely download the program and try it out for free. The unregistered program is 100% functional, with all the features available to try. While unregistered, the program will occasionally remind you to register and will reset all options.

You do not need to install a new version when you purchase a registration code. Simply enter the registration code you receive into the product by selecting 'Register' from the Help menu in the Palm program (the Magic Scout Generator does not need to be registered). Once registered, the shareware 'nags' are disabled.

Enter the registration code into the Palm program only. The Magic Scout Generator does not need to be registered.

If you use and enjoy Magic Scout, please purchase a registration code. This helps us publish new updates and support the latest Magic™ databases, rulings, and card sets.