Magic Scout Support

There are a number of support options for this program:

  • Palm help: make sure you search this help guide to make sure your question is not already answered.
  • Context help: In Magic Scout for Palm OS, tap on the 'i' icon in the top right of most screens or dialogs to get context-sensitive help on the task you are doing. In the Magic Scout Generator program, you can press F1 at anytime to get context-sensitive help.
  • Desktop help: you can read the Magic Scout Palm documentation on your desktop computer. From the 'Magic Scout for Palm OS' program group, select 'Palm software help'. This is the same content that you see here.
  • please visit our web site for additional assistance and guidance. We have a dedicated FAQ (frequently asked questions) page.
  • if you're really stuck, or want to report a problem or make a suggestion, please e-mail us directly. Support is limited to registered customers, so please register before e-mailing us.