What is Magic Scout?

Magic Scout is the ultimate reference guide for Magic the Gathering:™

If you've ever played Magic the Gathering™, then you've probably experienced the frustration of needing a rules clarification. With all the cards, rules, and current trading prices on your handheld, Magic Scout is the ultimate reference guide for every class of player.

How does this program work?

Magic Scout is composed of two separate programs, one for your Windows desktop computer, and one for your Palm handheld device. Both are installed through the single download installation program from our web site (www.MagicScout.com).

How do I get updates?

Registered users may download free updates for the Magic Scout for the Magic Scout for Palm OS program. Do not uninstall your existing version... simply download the latest version, and install it over top of your existing version. If you uninstall first, then you will have to re-enter the registration code you received when you purchased the program.

To update your Magic database of cards, run the Magic Scout Generator program on your desktop computer. Simply follow the instructions in the Generator to create an updated database and install it to your Palm device.

As new card sets for Magic the Gathering™ are made available, new versions of Magic Scout may be required. The The Generator will warn you when you need to download a new Magic Scout installation program and update your version. Although you can always download and build older magic databases, newer data sets may require a product update.

Depending on the registration license you purchased, you may have to purchase a database update to install newer data sets into Magic Scout for Palm OS. For example, if you purchased a one year registration code, then you will be able to install databases based on cards sets up to one year from the date of your registration. Note that you can always continue to run the Magic Scout program with older data sets, and you can always freely download and install new product updates to get the latest bug features and minor enhancements.

Product requirements

Magic Scout has the following computer and device requirements:


Windows desktop: