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Magic the Gathering Stuff

CLICK HERE to download the zip file (2.5 meg)

The Magic card, price, and ruling data in this zip file was downloaded from and on:

DOWNLOAD DATE: Tue Dec 23 09:26:06 2003

What's this all about?

The card and ruling files from by Stepen D'Angelo are fantastic... a must for every Magic player. The frequently updated Magic card prices from are a great trading resource, especially since they build it from eBay trading data daily.

But wouldn't it be great if they were in the same documents??!!

We've written a set of programs that does exactly that! We've merged the 'rule-cards.html' file from CrystalKeep, and the current-prices-excel.txt file from MOTL. Prices, rules and card listing all in one document! We intend to update these documents weekly, to keep them current. It's a fully automated process.

But wait! That's not all! Takes too long find a card with the bare alphabetic listings in 'rule-cards.html'? We've created 'search-cards.html', which is a super-hyperlinked 'tree' of cards. Just a few clicks gets you right to the card you're after.

But if that weren't enough, we combined all three documents (cards, rules, search) into our favorite Palm OS and Pocket PC format: iSilo. Now, do everything on your Palm Pilot. For desktop and Pocket PC users, we suggest using the HTML files. The iSilo document reader is available at:

These documents are free for anyone... just don't modify them, and you may freely redistribute them, as long as you don't use them for any commercial profit-making purposes. You can e-mail us at Since these documents are free, we can't promise any fixes or enhancements.

What happens now that the Stephen is no longer updating CrystalKeep?

The iSilo database will continue to be available for download, but we will no longer update the data. But, we will be updating our Magic Scout stand-alone Magic© reference tool and advanced search program with the latest available data from other public sources.