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Download Magic Scout for Palm OS

Magic Scout Windows Installation Program, 1 meg.

Magic Scout for Palm OS is available for installation as a Microsoft Windows EXE. Download the installation program using the link above, save the MagicScoutInst.exe program to your Windows desktop computer, then run the exe. This will install the Magic Scout Generator to your Windows computer, and Magic Scout for Palm OS to your Palm handheld device. Simply follow the instructions displayed during the installation program.

Magic Scout is not supported on Macintosh, Linux, or other operating systems.

Please see our Requirements page to make sure you have enough free memory and version of Palm OS for Magic Scout to run.

Once you buy Magic Scout, you will receive a registration code to enter into the product. Simply follow the instructions with the version you have installed. There is no 'commercial' version you have to download or install.

Product Version

The current version number and product enchancement details can be foun in the Magic Scout readme.txt file, also available online (click the link).