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Time to buy a Magic Scout Update

When you purchase Magic Scout, you are entitled to one year of free database updates. This means that you can download new Magic© databases with a creation date within one year from the date you purchased your registration. If you generate and install a database after your one year registration period, the product will revert to the unregistered state with nags.

You can purchase an additional one year database update to Magic Scout for $15. You will receive a new registration code that you enter into Magic Scout. This will allow you to download the latest Magic© databases for one more year. Select 'Register' from the 'Help' menu in Magic Scout for Palm OS (not the Generator), and enter the new registration code. When you select 'Register' from the Help menu, you will be notified that you are already registered: tap 'OK' to continue and enter the newer registration you will receive by e-mail.

NOTE: Magic Scout database updates are only for registered users. You must enter the same e-mail address as you entered when you originally purchased the product. If you have changed your e-mail address since then, then please change your e-mail address at our automated customer request page, prior to completing this purchase.

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