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Magic Scout Databases

Magic Scout does not directly include any Magic© data. Instead, it includes a Windows desktop computer program (Magic Scout Generator) that collects all the information from public and sanctioned Internet web sites. This data is then built into our compact and efficient Palm database format that can be viewed by Magic Scout on your Palm OS handheld.

Please see our Credit & Notices page for further information about the public Internet data sources that Magic Scout uses.

Database Repository

To ensure that Magic Scout has stable data to build from, we make copies of the original public databases we use. These are unaltered (except for minor corrections noted below in the readme.txt files), and in the author's original format. You do not need to download these files for Magic Scout... the Generator automatically retrieves these files directly. They are provided here in case you wish to see the source data yourself. Note that these databases are provided on an as is basis, with no implied warranty. In all cases the data is made available according to the license and limitations of the original authors. Please consult the included files for further information regarding the use and license of these databases. Details about the sources of data for each database are included in the readme.txt file.