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Magic Scout - Product Information

Magic Scout is a powerful Magic the Gathering© reference tool for Palm OS handhelds. It combine all the latest cards, rules, card rulings, prices, and advanced search capabilities in one self-contained program.

Please see our Frequently Asked Questions section if you are looking for additional information on Magic Scout.

Product Version

The current version number and product enhancement details can be found in the Magic Scout readme.txt file, also available online (click the link).

Product Requirements

Magic Scout has the following computer and device requirements:

Palm OS Handheld:

Windows desktop:

  • 1 megabyte of hard disk space for the Generator program.
  • 5-7 megabytes of hard disk space for each downloaded and built Magic™ database.
  • Microsoft Windows 98 or higher.

Pocket PC devices:

Now we support Pocket PC devices! CLICK HERE for details.

Card Index

Magic Scout includes a complete tree index of all Magic© cards. Using our index, you can quickly drill down to any card in just a few taps. The image sequence below shows our card index, starting with the main Card Listing. In three taps we drill down to the card 'Fecundity'.

Rules Index

All the latest Magic© rules are included in Magic Scout. From the main screen, tapping on the 'R' icon brings up the rules index. You can drill down into any ruling quickly, or use the glossary to look up rulings by name.

Card Rulings

Each card includes the official errata and card text, but Magic Scout also includes all the specific card rulings from Wizards of the Coast© and other official sources. The card rulings are linked to the main rules, and other cards, as required.

Trading Prices

Magic Scout incorporates public trading prices for Magic© cards into our card listing. Where available, the latest eBay trading prices are listed with every card, by expansion and set.

Advanced Search

Magic Scout includes extremely powerful and fast search capabilities. Dozens of of card and rule characteristics have been indexed, allowing detailed searches that execute in a few seconds. For example, the sequence of images below shows four search windows with constraints that matches the following conditions: blue creatures with power greater than or equal to three that are valid in Extended tournaments, that have the word 'sacrifice' in the main card text:

Database Updates

Magic Scout does not directly include any Magic© data. Instead, it includes a Windows desktop computer program (Magic Scout Generator) that collects all the information from public and sanctioned Internet web sites. This data is then built into our compact and efficient Palm database format that can be viewed by Magic Scout on your Palm OS handheld.

We search the Internet for the best public and available Magic© databases, making them available to you for Magic Scout. All of the public databases we find are made available on our web site in their original format (see Databases for more information).

As new cards, rulings, and price sets are available, we publish new Magic Scout databases on our web site that you can download and install. Since different providers of Magic© databases come and go, we strive to make the most current public data available is downloadable for Magic Scout. Simply run the Magic Scout Generator to see the most current databases available for download and installation.